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Evacuation plan

What is an Evacuation Plan?

An evacuation plan has been established to ensure that in an emergency, as many people as possible leave the building as safely as possible. In addition, an evacuation plan is a means to see what is expected of the emergency response team members in the event of, for example, a fire, bomb threat, evacuation or power failure. An evacuation plan plays a major role in the preparation for any calamities and is therefore important in a real evacuation.


Evacuation plans are mandatory for larger buildings and high-risk buildings, in which many people reside. They are based on the requirements of the user permit or arise from the Working Conditions legislation.

The fire alarm rings! What now?

Imagine it ... The slow whoop for evacuation goes off, all colleagues run confusedly together. You can hear everyone yelling, "Where is the exit ?!" Why is the elevator no longer working? Nobody sees anything anymore because of the smoke development. The confusion suddenly turns into panic and everyone wants to go outside quickly, creating a push party at the nearest exit. Fortunately, everyone left the building just in time, but wait… Is everyone outside?

When the company has a fire alarm system, it is only a starting point. If there is a fire alarm system in the building, the company is obliged to draw up an evacuation plan. Every company is obliged to take effective measures to prevent evacuation and to ensure that employees can take the necessary measures in case of an emergency. You must have an evacuation plan to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the Working Conditions Act. The evacuation plan therefore covers all requirements.

How do I create an evacuation plan?

Beer Brandweer Training can make an evacuation plan for you. The price for drawing up an evacuation plan depends, among other things, on the size of your company or institution.

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